Last Thought…

Hi friends,

   The only day in week we see the sun very latey is SUNDAY. For most of us it is lazy day or relaxation day or tension free day or what ever it is. This last Sunday many cricket fans were in a state,difficult to express that. The reason behind that is  India has won the match. On that day India played 900th odi match ,in that Sachin himself represented country more than half of the match I.e 463 matches.

The match began by new Zealand batting. The captain cool made Hardik pandya to debue. If we look at the team it not so well experienced player for odi. The perfect line and length of bowlers made to restrict NZ to very low score.

Here one has to appreciate the MSD confidence over young stars. The Fielding arrangement is very spectacular, at present we have multiple special fielders. This helps us to reduce 30-40runs in every match. The umesh fitness is great. I think pandya played with the good rhythm.

A few soft dismissals made NZ to suffer a lot. It’s totally a batsman fault. This made our bowlers get grip in match.

These are the few things I noticed.


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