Gambhir’s come back…

Hi Friends,

The Show Must Go On…..!

It is absolutely true, whether we there in or not the TIME and WORK will not wait for anyone else. I think you all are surprised with the name work. In presence of us, many work has been completed and even with our absence also the work completed. Once if anyone omitted from the activity or work, it is very difficult to make come back.

Ya, absolutely I am speaking about Gautham Gambhir.

In last test series, GG made come back to the test after 2 years. To the some extent he provided justice to his position he played but to remain in a team one has to perform more than their debut. This series is very much important for GG to remain in a team as well as to make come back to the ODI.

Here, the question arises is

Dhoni purposely dropped him from team or else Gambhir performance made him to drop out????

It is very controversial to speak about it, I am sure I will not give opportunity to it.

If GG performs very well, absolutely his name will be discussed in ODI squad. Then somewhat we can understand what happened between them.

But my friends,

whether GG will performs well and do come back to ODI or not ,the match will go on….


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