Hi readers,

Love is very much essential for a any person. Love is one thing which can’t be described through words. The feeling which we will get make us to live somewhere days,it gives inspiration there are so many things were inside of it. Mother love can’t forget,father love can’t able to understand, siblings love is the backbone, friends love gives motivation, Dear one’s love make us to to do special thing in life, people love makes us do achieve more and more. This stage all of us wants to have.

Even in 21st century, women’s are not able to work freely in road. I am talking about Recent incident happened in Bengaluru which is very very shameful to all citizens. We are in the level where we can build a civilization in moon or in some other planet why can’t we provide a freedom to a girl to walk freely without any hindrance.

My question is why our law wants Complaint from the victim, when we are having a proof, real culprit and biggest thing is culprits are admitting there mistake.

Can’t we just offer  a safety walk a woman.


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